Linguistics student who always has had passion for writing, reading and languages. The greatest dream is to write her own book. Her journey has started in 1989 when as a 13 year old girl she translated songs lyrics from Polish to English. English Language course in post-communist country woke her ability to learn second language quickly and efficiently. College years with very demanding English teacher who pushed her to read Charles Dickens books in age of 17, were very significant, followed by GCSE in English in Poland with a merit. At age of 20 she used to teach English at nurseries and primary schools. Practical use of that language in Holland, Greece and Spain, where she used to live for a while, was a big step forward. Her goal was to live in a country where she could speak English every day. In 2004 when Poland has joined European Union, she was one of the first emigrants waiting on the French-English boarder.

14 years of experience in using English language every day in multi-national but genuine English country made her decide to go further with her dream. She has done all possible Certificates, starting from Level 1 in Literacy and Application of Numbers, Level 2 in English and Mathematics, NVQ in Customer Service Business Skills Sector, Access to Higher Education Diploma at The Bournemouth and Poole College which opened for her the gate of Linguistics Course at Winchester University. Additionally, she currently studies Comprehensive Creating Course with Writing Bureau from Manchester. Her next step is to start and complete IoLET Diploma in Public Service Interpreting.

At the time being she would like to use her skills to help people who struggle with written texts or Polish-English translations.